Donald Trump apologizes for lewd comments about women as Republicans denounce him.

Wisconsin voters disapprove of Trump's comments but are more upset that Paul Ryan disinvited him

Voters attending a fall festival in Elkhorn, Wis., on Saturday were disappointed — some downright hostile — that House Speaker Paul D. Ryan rescinded an invitation to Donald Trump to speak here after a recording emerged of the GOP presidential nominee making vulgar comments about women.

“Paul Ryan sucks!” chanted Paul Anderson, who drove nearly an hour from Milwaukee to hear Trump speak.

Holding a sign that said “Hillary Clinton is a criminal,” Anderson said he thought Ryan wanted Clinton to win the White House.

“Donald Trump said some naughty words the other day. Oh, no, let’s disinvite him to Elkhorn,” said Anderson, the 28-year-old owner of a gourmet popcorn store. “Hillary Clinton is laughing at Paul Ryan right now. Or laughing with him.”

Sally Luell, 68, called Trump’s remarks “abhorrent” but said she would continue to support Trump because she “can’t stand Hillary.”

“I think Hillary Clinton backing her husband when he was doing what he was doing was worse,” said the retired municipal worker from Muskego.

The independent voted for Bill Clinton twice in the 1990s, but said the Democratic Party had grown too liberal on issues such as immigration and trade. Now, she said she was unhappy with Ryan, who has represented this region in Congress since 1999.

“I’ve always liked Paul Ryan. I’m a little disappointed in him,” Luell said.

Many of the voters also said that while they did not approve of Trump’s words, it was unfair to attack him for a private conversation more than a decade ago.

“It’s mildly vulgar. He shouldn’t have said it. But this is how men talk at times,” said Orville Seymer, 62, of Franklin.

“It’s locker room talk. I’m not excusing it, but he apologized. … We need to focus on what’s important to this country and getting it back on track, and getting some rational, reasonable Supreme Court justices appointed to the bench.”

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