Voters cast ballots in West Virginia's primaries Tuesday, as do Republicans in Nebraska.

  • Lower-stakes West Virginia primary could offer clues to general election challenges for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
  • Bernie Sanders is more liberal than Clinton, yet he still wins among conservative Democrats
  • Ted Cruz says he will reconsider his run if he wins Nebraska's primary
  • Clinton and Trump to battle for coal support in West Virginia in their likely general election matchup
  • Don't get too excited one way or the other about that poll showing close swing-state races

Hillary Clinton jabs Donald Trump on foreign policy views

 (Patrick Semansky / Associated Press)
(Patrick Semansky / Associated Press)

While ballots in West Virginia were cast Tuesday, Hillary Clinton traversed through neighboring Kentucky, focused not on her Democratic primary opponent but a likely general election matchup with Donald Trump.

Clinton, the front-runner for her party's nomination, assailed Trump for his positions on nuclear weapons and NATO while addressing supporters in Louisville.

"The last thing we need are more countries with nuclear weapons. I'm trying to reduce the number of nuclear weapons," Clinton said. "When [Trump] says he wants to withdraw from NATO, the most successful military alliance in history, I say, 'What are we going to substitute for it?'"

In recent weeks, Trump has said he would be open to allowing South Korea or Japan, both U.S. allies, to obtain nuclear weapons. He's repeatedly called NATO "obsolete" because the U.S. funds a disproportionate share of defense expenditures among the 28-nation alliance.

Despite her intense focus on Trump, Clinton still must stave off rival Bernie Sanders, who appeared poised to win West Virginia on Tuesday. While in Louisville, Clinton made only passing references to Sanders.

The Vermont senator, who trails Clinton by about 300 pledged delegates, has said he will remain in the race through California's June 7 primary.

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