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Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown, once Democratic rivals, meet to talk politics

Gavin Newsom, Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown at a campaign rally in 2010. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)
Gavin Newsom, Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown at a campaign rally in 2010. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Former President Bill Clinton made a house call before speaking at a rally here. He stopped at the governor's mansion, where he met with Gov. Jerry Brown.

The two men were famously adversaries during the Democratic presidential primary in 1992, when Brown's insurgent campaign threatened to derail Clinton's bid for the White House.

More than two decades later, Clinton's wife, Hillary, is dispatching her own insurgent rival, Bernie Sanders, and tightening her hold on the nomination.

According to a spokesman for the governor, Brown invited Clinton to the mansion, which he recently refurbished. They met for an hour and a half in the same room where President John F. Kennedy and Gov. Pat Brown, Jerry Brown's father, discussed the 1960 election.

What did Brown and Clinton talk about?

"They discussed foreign and domestic politics, and yes, the presidential campaign," said spokesman Evan Westrup.

California's primary is on June 7, and Brown has not endorsed a presidential candidate. However, over the weekend he warned against "scorched earth" campaigns for the nomination.

“It's very important to beat Donald Trump," he said. "That’s the overriding imperative."

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