Donald Trump calls for U.S. withdrawal from NAFTA, while Hillary Clinton says "it's time to move on," from Benghazi.

  • Trump says current trade policies "made the financial elite" — including himself
  • A pro-Clinton super PAC is rolling out ads criticizing Trump's past comments about women
  • The White House labels the Benghazi report "a Republican conspiracy"
  • A new addition to Trump's campaign comes from Ted Cruz

Trump returning to California for high-dollar fundraiser

Donald Trump plans to visit California to raise money on July 13. (Associated Press)
Donald Trump plans to visit California to raise money on July 13. (Associated Press)

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is headed to Southern California days before the Republican National Convention for a fundraiser where donors are being asked to contribute up to $449,400 per person.

The reception and dinner is set for July 13 at an undisclosed location in Rancho Santa Fe, according to an invitation obtained by The Times. The least expensive ticket costs $25,000 per person.

The event comes as Trump has sharply increased his fundraising schedule in the aftermath of campaign finance reports that showed he lags far behind presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump ended May with $1.3 million on hand, compared to Clinton’s $42 million.

Prior to heading to California, Trump’s fundraising schedule includes events in Boston on Wednesday, Denver on Friday and Cincinnati on July 6.

The hosts of the Rancho Santa Fe event include major GOP donors: developer Doug Manchester, diet guru Jenny Craig, energy investor Doug Kimmelman, outsourcing innovator Darwin Deason, and Madeleine Pickens, the ex-wife of Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is also listed on the invitation though it is unclear if he is attending.

The contributions are to be split among Trump’s campaign, the RNC and several state Republican parties.

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