Chargers in StubHub Center? What's wrong with the Rose Bowl?

The Rose Bowl. (Associated Press)
The Rose Bowl. (Associated Press)

It’s just too bad the Chargers are going to be stuck with a view of Carson’s urban sprawl for the next two years when they could be looking at a glorious Arroyo Seco sunset.

Sure, it’s not their fault that the Rose Bowl Operating Co. has treated NFL requests for a proposal to temporarily host a team as if its being asked to house the homeless.

But this is a lose-lose proposition for all involved.

Going from Qualcomm Stadium to StubHub Center, even if the move is only temporary, is like going from an aging three-bedroom condominium to a newish studio apartment.

StubHub Center, with its 27,000 seats, is adequate for Major League Soccer, high school football games and other second-tier events. Even with enhancements and added seating, the place does not feel worthy of the NFL.

Then there’s the Rose Bowl, which is only the most breathtaking venue in college football, if not all of sports. It has the seating capacity, the necessary luxury suites and the infrastructure that a facility less than half its size can’t match. More important, it has the feel of big-time football.

StubHub Center has the feel of Mater Dei High versus Corona Centennial.

Dodger Stadium would have been better. So would Angel Stadium. Maybe even Staples Center with a modified Arena Football League configuration (assuming it could house an NFL-sized field) would be preferable.

The Chargers going to the Rose Bowl while the Rams remained in the Coliseum would have allowed the teams to become the NFL’s version of UCLA versus USC. The Rams might have set foot in the Rose Bowl and felt a twinge of jealousy.

Now they’ll arrive at StubHub Center and be tempted to laugh.

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