Will the The San Diego Chargers decide to join the Rams in L.A.? And how do the Oakland Raiders figure into the mix as they ponder a move to Las Vegas? Today's one-day gathering of the NFL’s 32 owners in Texas is expected to lay the groundwork for a solution to those problems.

NFL owners approve debt waiver to help Chargers pay L.A. relocation fee

The NFL has made it easier for the San Diego Chargers to pay their $650-million relocation fee, should they opt to move to Los Angeles.

League owners approved a waiver of the debt ceiling, allowing the Chargers to borrow a portion of that fee from a bank and pay it off over a longer period, say 30 years, as opposed to the original agreement of $65 million annually over 10 years.

The debt ceiling for a team is $250 million.

The waiver is a routine request by teams building stadiums.

The relocation fee is to offset the increase in franchise value associated with moving from a smaller market to a bigger one.

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