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A delightful Middle Eastern smorgasbord at Adana in Glendale

If you want to understand Adana, a Middle Eastern restaurant in an industrial corner of Glendale, you should probably order what the menu calls the cheese platter. At $11, it is by far the most expensive appetizer, although it resembles a plate that many Iranian restaurants put out on the table...


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Your Garden


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Fashion Week: From skirt-pants in Paris to a Metro tour in L.A.

Bare breasts, face masks and one-legged skirt-pants on the runway can only mean one thing: Paris Fashion Week is in full swing. In her first dispatch from the City of Lights, Times fashion critic Booth Moore highlights some of the up-and-coming designers on the circuit including...

All the Rage

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'Prudence' a heartbreaking tale of love, loss and desire

We tend to talk about stories as if they're straight lines, routes from one point to another, with a beginning, middle and end. But fiction is just like life —- we're suspicious of neat plotlines and tidy endings, because nothing in the real world ever works out that way. Every bad...

Jacket Copy

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