Your California Bucket List: San Francisco's painted ladies, San Diego's green flashes, Convict Lake's rainbows and more.

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The 10 best places to picnic in the West
John F. Kennedy turns 100 this year. Museums and libraries across the country reflect on his presidency.
How you aggravate, annoy and occasionally outrage the cabin crew — and your fellow passengers

On any given flight, most passengers have a cellphone, a laptop, a tablet or other e-device with which they can watch movies, play video games or conduct business.

Although these diversions help relieve in-flight tedium and allow travelers to make effective use of their time, electronic devices often lead to behavior that leaves flight attendants shaking our heads.

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A sea journey on which you don't gain weight? Bring it on — and these do

Some people dread cruises the way they dread the holidays. They assume they're going to gain 8 pounds by the time it’s over.

It can be a challenge to resist the bountiful buffets, rich desserts and rum drinks with tiny umbrellas. But some people, such as Dawn Tracey of Los Angeles, embark on a cruise to stay in shape.

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A 'Monumental' exhibit of Alexander Calder's works at Denver Botanic Gardens
Want to get lost? Let this couple's blog be your guide

Uncover the day-to-day life (and the actual cost) as a couple backpack on less traveled roads through Afghanistan, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia and Iran.

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