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Oregon's Timberline Lodge casts a relaxing spell by summoning the spirit of a simpler time

All the recent talk about the U.S. infrastructure got me thinking about the last time the federal government decided to rebuild America.

Bridges, parks, schools, courthouses, theaters, hospitals and dams all across the U.S.  owe their provenance to the Great Depression-era Works  Progress Administration (later known as the Work Projects Administration).

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Just say sí: A family of four spends a month in Guatemala trying to learn the language — but did it work?

In the shade of my thatch cabana classroom, I beamed as my children, ages 6 and 9, serenaded me.

Reid, my younger son, shook the maracas, his older brother, Liam, beat a colorfully painted drum made from an old paint can, and their Spanish teacher strummed a ukulele.

Of course, I recognized the song — it was “La Cucaracha” — and I laughed as they sang a verse about a lady cockroach and her scarf.

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Rest easy. Those perks you get from earning hotel 'status' still can be yours, despite changes in the programs

The start of a new calendar year means it’s time to hit the reset button on elite-status qualification with hotel loyalty programs. That means now is the time to formulate your travel strategy to rack up the necessary hotel stays to qualify for the elite-status level you want.

Perks could include late check-out, free room upgrades, better Wi-Fi or free breakfast.

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Save money on your hotel or home rental and live a little

We’ve already looked ahead to 2017. The Travel section’s alphabetical list of places to go included Bordeaux and Yosemite. Events that got us excited: Canada’s 150th birthday party and the celebrations surrounding the 50th anniversary of San Francisco’s summer of love.

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Need trip advice? Keep it in the family with Cool Cousin app

Don’t have a cool cousin to tell you where to go on your next vacation? Don’t worry — now you have dozens.

Name: Cool Cousin — Travel Through People app

What it does: Get travel recommendations and trip advice from “cousins” whose interests are similar to yours.

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That's why these travelers are the leaders of the pack

I enjoyed Alex Golden’s “10 Tips Before You Pack” [Jan. 8]. However, instead of carrying a photocopy of my passport, I make a copy of it and all other important travel documents, including credit cards, and put them on a password-protected thumb drive that can be easily slipped in a purse or pocket.

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