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Mammoth braces for more snow in the aftermath of big crowds, long waits at lifts

More snow is in the forecast again for Mammoth Lakes, in the wake of a holiday crush where some lift line waits reportedly stretched to 90 minutes. The new system was expected to roll in Wednesday afternoon and linger through the weekend.

Visitors reported 60- to 90-minute waits at some of the busiest runs on Saturday, as the resort faced delays in digging out from last week’s string of blizzards.

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In Kenya, tour elephant, chimp and white rhino sanctuaries

Immerse yourself in the wilderness on a 12-day Holden Safaris tour designed for travelers who want to combine wildlife viewing with insights into the issues facing eastern Africa’s rhino, elephant, lion and chimpanzee populations.

Participants will visit an elephant orphanage in Kenya, a sanctuary for young elephants at Ithumba in Tsavo East National Park and learn about elephant behavior at Amboseli.

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Live the Las Vegas high life, circa 1960: Now you can stay in El Cortez casino owner's swanky penthouse

Want to revel in an over-the-top vintage hotel suite in Las Vegas where a casino owner once lived? For the first time, you can.

Prices for hotel owner Jackie Gaughan’s suite at El Cortez Hotel & Casino start at $500 a night. The downtown hotel is on Fremont Street east of Las Vegas Boulevard in the expanding Fremont East entertainment district.

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Lost your cellphone on the road? Here's how to get it back — if you take steps now

Travelers, here’s a way to improve of your chances of getting your cellphone back if you lose it on the road.

I recently found a cellphone in the women’s restroom. On the lock screen was a number to call in case it was found. I did, and the phone found its way back to its grateful owner.

On the advice of retired LAPD Det.

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Feel a little more at home on the range at Wyoming working ranch

Unleash your inner cowboy on a four-day visit to the plains, cliffs and snow-capped peaks of Wyoming.

The excursion is based at the 25,000-acre Red Reflet Ranch near Bighorn National Forest, a working ranch and resort. Guests can ride horses or bikes, hike, go on a cattle drive, fly-fish on private streams, go aerial sightseeing or do range shooting.

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Fellow airline passengers, how do we hate you? Let us count the ways

There’s no red carpet or statuette, but the award for the most annoying in-flight behavior on a plane goes to … seat kicking. It’s the second year in a row seat kickers have taken the top spot. Worse yet, people are reluctant to confront any passenger who’s behaving badly.

That’s the findings from Expedia’s Airplane Etiquette Study released Tuesday.

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