Your California Bucket List: Size up classic cars, tour historic Union Station and collect OMG reactions at colorful Venice Beach

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Ojai goes a little crazy when Pixie tangerines arrive. Ready for a Pixie scrub or a Pixie margarita?

You could say Ojai is the town built on tangerines, but that wouldn't be entirely true. The resort spa town roughly 90 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles was well-established before the citrus star came to town in the 1960s.

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Where do those Hawaiian tattoo patterns come from? Here's one place to find out

In Hawaiian culture, images of curling waves, hibiscus and geometric patterns are repeated on cloth, mats and even skin.

The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum in Honolulu culled from its roughly 25 million items cultural and natural objects, and grouped them by common patterns and shapes rather than their use or historical era.

“Hulia Ano: Inspired Patterns” opened last Saturday at the museum.

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Open House San Diego invites you to explore the city, building by building

A quarter century ago Victoria Thornton founded Open House London based on one salient thought: Invite the public to see and experience the architecture all around them, and they’ll advocate for better design of their city.

The idea took off, and San Diego signed on as an Open House city.

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Finally, a place to sharpen your ax-throwing skills in Vegas

Now you can cap off a late night in Vegas with something different: a little axe=-throwing.

Anyone can tap their inner Celt, Viking or lumberjack at a new indoor facility called Axe Monkeys, which opened March 1 about five miles east of the Strip.

No experience necessary to heave an ax over your head and take aim. Guests spend $25 each for an hour’s worth of throws.

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6 things you need to know about the new electronics carry-on ban

The newly announced ban on electronic devices, which the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced Monday, confused travelers, especially after it was followed up by an announcement from Britain on Tuesday about a similar ban.

Homeland Security said the changes were necessary for added security and to thwart potential terrorist attacks on commercial airlines.

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Chef who made Julia Child cry headlines Santa Barbara food and wine event honoring her

Chef Nancy Silverton once made Julia Child cry — on TV, no less.

Actually it was a creme fraiche custard brioche tart that Silverton whipped up while a guest on Child’s ’90s cooking show that prompted tears of joy from the culinary legend.

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