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A new app -- the Uber of airport food -- connects you to carry-aboard meals you might actually like

Don't want to wait in line at airport restaurants to order your next carry-on meal? Enter AirGrub, a new mobile app that allows you to order, pay and pick up your food before you board.

AirGrub, a Silicon Valley company, already has a presence at airports in San Francisco, Boston and New York City.

And AirGrub may be heading to Los Angeles International Airport.

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One-stop shopping: Get your taxes done and apply for TSA's fast-pass through airport security

Travelers will be able to do something else when they get their taxes done at H&R Block: apply for the Transportation Security Administration's fast-pass security screening program.

Fliers will be able to apply for the TSA's PreCheck at more than 400 H&R Block offices in 27 states, including California, Washington and Oregon.

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Can you picture this? See Cuba with a professional photographer

Travel photographer Michele Burgess is leading a tour to Cuba next spring with plenty of photo ops.

The itinerary includes Havana, Pinar del Río, known for its tobacco production, and the towns of Trinidad and Cienfuegos, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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The four ickiest things you never want to touch on a plane

I'm no germophobe, but I was surprised to learn the dirtiest place on an airplane wasn't the bathroom. Travelers, it's that tray table right in front of you that apparently carries more living bacteria per square inch than any other public part of the plane.

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Welcome this water bottle into the fold: It collapses for packing, fills so you can easily sip

Bubi Water Bottles provide a nifty new twist — or rather fold — on conservation-friendly water bottles.

When empty, Bubi Bottles can be rolled up and secured by their integrated D-ring carabiner, which attaches to belt loops or backpacks.

The bottles come in 14- and 22-ounce sizes and are microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe.

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As it turns 70, Baskin-Robbins dishes $1.31 scoops -- and stories about ice cream-dipping celebs

Baskin-Robbins ice cream turns 70 this year, and some of its stores have become downright tourist stops -- including one that employed a future chief executive.

In honor of the company's seven decades, Baskins-Robbins ice cream shops on Monday will be serving scoops for $1.31 each -- a nod to their 31 flavors legacy.

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