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East meets West as Las Vegas celebrates Chinese New Year

Las Vegas is preparing to celebrate the new year once again as revelers welcome the Year of the Rooster on Saturday.

Chinese New Year is a big event in Las Vegas, which recently opened the Lucky Dragon, a hotel that caters to Chinese and Chinese American visitors.

Here’s a look at some of the festivities.

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Three nights for the price of two at these Redondo Beach hotels

Redondo Beach wants you to visit, and will give you a free night’s stay to seal the deal. Choose one of four hotels and you’ll get three nights for the price of two.

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Those hotel taxes and fees? They're enough to give you and your pocketbook nightmares

I thought I would enjoy a vacation in the desert at a Palm Springs hotel, but when I noticed something called "occupancy tax" at $19.44 a day, I changed my mind. I think I've finally accepted the resort fee at $20 a day, but I don't remember the occupancy tax. Is this something new?

David Tulanian

Los Angeles

Answer: Don’t start dozing off just because we mentioned taxes.

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You may not believe in Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster — but this museum may persuade you otherwise

It all started with a movie supposedly shot in California — and culminated in a museum a continent away.

“Supposedly” because, well, when you’re dealing with mythical — or not — creatures, you just never know for sure. Or do you?

A different film — this one clearly fiction — spurred a vocation for Loren Coleman.

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The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is as cool as you want it to be. Plus three more hot springs to visit

On the 50-minute drive from Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport to downtown Reykjavik, the landscape switched from long, flat stretches of dirt to patches of grass studded with rocks. 

It was early August and it was cold — 40 degrees is chilly for a native Angeleno — and as I looked around, I couldn’t quite figure out why this place was at the top of my friends’ travel wish lists.

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Hit your stride with this website that lets you compare tours across all types and genres

If you have your heart set on a river cruise or safari, but don’t know the difference between tour operators providing them, get started here.

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