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Delta puts St. Louis on sale for $220 round trip from LAX

St. Louis, a city named for King Louis IX of France, can be visited without paying a king’s ransom: Delta offers a round-trip fare from LAX for $220, which includes all taxes and fees, through July, although subject to availability.

The ticket must be purchased at least 14 days in advance, and holiday blackouts apply.

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On Oahu, a new art exhibition gives you a look at Hawaii's balancing act of past and present

After you’ve been to the beach and walked through Waikiki, what are your options for free attractions on Oahu?

One often-overlooked spot is the Hawaii State Art Museum, which is not only free but also has a new exhibition opening in September that addresses, through art, some of the issues the state grapples with.

“Hawaii: Change & Continuity” is set to open Sept.

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Five places (including Bakersfield!) where shark lovers can have a fantastic 'Schweekend'
Bucket list? Zzzz. But this list of 25 spots -- from caves to critters to Cuba -- crackles with energy
What new coasters are on tap for Cedar Fair parks?

If you took all 123 roller coasters at Cedar Fair parks and put them end to end they’d stretch for 58 miles. Stack all those lift hills on top of one another and they’d reach more than 10,000 feet into the sky.

“Coasters are in our DNA,” said Matt Ouimet, CEO of the Cedar Fair amusement park chain.

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Wi-Fi at Indianapolis' airport is so fast it's almost supersonic -- and makes LAX's look prehistoric

If you're fed up with airport Wi-Fi service, you may want to fly through Indianapolis International Airport. Here's why you'll fall in love with IND, as it's known by its call letters: The Wi-Fi is free, and it claims to be the fastest airport Wi-Fi in the country.

The Indiana airport says its Wi-Fi speeds average 40 megabits per second or mbps, eight to 10 times faster than major U.S. airports.

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