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You've said adios to the Ahwahnee. Now confront the traveler's name-change challenge.

You may have been annoyed to hear that some historic names are being changed at Yosemite National Park because of a legal spat between a concessionaire and the National Park Service.

After all, the Ahwahnee Hotel has been the Ahwahnee since the 1920s. Now, starting March 1, it will at least temporarily be called the Majestic Yosemite Hotel.

But as this quiz makes clear, name changes happen often, even at prominent destinations whose names go back centuries. Sometimes the new name obliterates the old one in the space of a year or two. Sometimes, even after decades, the new one just does not stick.

Take a shot at our 12-question name-change quiz, which starts easy and gets downright wicked. At the bottom, you can compare your results with other readers. If you get them all right and send word to me at one of the addresses below, I'll shout your praises so loudly from the top level of the Los Angeles Times parking garage that traffic in Truth or Consequences may be disrupted.

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