For goodness sake, let's not confuse UNICEF with UNESCO! Some people, when approached for support of UNICEF, give responses that indicate they're thinking about UNESCO. Both are United Nations agencies but otherwise they are quite different.

The United States is withdrawing from UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations. We object to how they spend their (our) money, with high administrative costs and low service delivery. We don't like their "politicization," with too many get-America or Zionism-is-racism resolutions being passed. We don't like the proposed "world information order," which would sanction press censorship.

The United States still supports UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund. The U.S. government will give UNICEF $53.5 million in the current fiscal year. We are in the midst of a children's health revolution under UNICEF auspices. Simple measures like immunization and oral rehydration therapy have a potential for saving millions of children's lives. We must continue to support UNICEF and other organizations engaged in this work.

So please keep this in mind! There is a big difference between UNESCO and UNICEF.

ALAN W. GOLD Cypress

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