Teen-agers are the focus of three upcoming...

Teen-agers are the focus of three upcoming TV movies. "Not My Son," coming Jan. 15 on CBS, deals with a couple's reaction to their daughter's drug use. "Consenting Adult," arriving Feb. 4 on ABC, shows a couple wrestling with their teen-age son's homosexuality. "Surviving," due Feb. 10 on ABC, concerns teen-age suicide.

John Chancellor will serve as master of ceremonies at the 43rd annual Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards in Broadcast Journalism. The 90-minute program, which honors outstanding broadcast journalism of the past year, is due to be broadcast on PBS Jan. 23. Awards presenters will be Peter Jennings, Judy Woodruff Bryant Gumbel, Charles Osgood and Ted Turner.

Anthony Andrews, who starred in PBS' "Brideshead Revisited," will host a new series about the 18th-Century arts on the Arts & Entertainment Network, the cable TV channel. It's called "The Romantic Spirit" and features 14 episodes about the composers, writers, painters and Poets who often are called the Romantics. They include Keats, Byron, Balzac, Schubert, Chopin, Liszt and Schumann. The series debuts on Wednesday.

Lionel Richie will serve as host of the "American Music Awards" again this year. The ceremonies will fill three hours of prime time on ABC Jan. 28, originating from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Nine additional awards will be handed out this year in the area of video music.

Rex Harrison, Amy Irving and Rosemary Harris will star in a new production of George Bernard Shaw's "Heartbreak House." The play, a satire about Europe before World War I, will be telecast on the Showtime pay TV channel early in 1985.

Thane Maynard assistant curator of education at the Cincinnati Zoo, will host "Animals in Action," a new wildlife series that will play on the Disney pay TV channel. Produced by Survival Anglia Ltd., each of the 20 episodes will focus on a particular characteristic of animals, such as how they adapt to different environments and how they learn to camouflage themselves.

Lesleyy-Anne Down, Genie Francis and Kirstie Alley will be among the stars of "North and South," a 10-hour miniseries about the Civil War. It will air on ABC next season.

Coming next month on "ABC Weekend Specials" is "The Adventures of a Two-Minute Werewolf," a two-part story about a boy who is fascinated with horror movies only to find himself turning into a werewolf. Featured in the cast are Lainie Kazan, Melba Moore and Barrie Youngfellow.

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