A Messed-Up World

This is indeed a first for me to take the time and make the effort to write The Times a letter--of disgust on the Jan. 11 View section feature story by Betty Goodwin, "Cradle to Label--Luxury Wear for the Child With the Silver Spoon."

We live in a society and world today that is so messed up. Values, morals, drugs, depression, famine, homeless people living on our streets and you have the audacity to do a full-page story and pictures on the beautiful rich little darlings wearing $475 dresses, $200 slacks, a store running out of size 6-month cashmere sweaters and a velvet toddler jacket for $305. Yuck!

All of these kids (models) would look just as cute in jeans and sweat shirts.

Every mother has the right to dress her own child as she likes and sees fit. For these mothers who make midgets out of these kids and clones of themselves, again that's their business. These same mamas do not need a map or directions to find Rodeo Drive and stores like this. They keep them alive.

To quote just one of the co-owners of Little Piggy & Co.: Her feeling is that by the time these little darling toddler children are 16 they will have exquisite taste levels and will demand quality and expert design.

Let's all hope and pray that by the time they reach 16 they will have far more going on for them, and not be the most well-dressed depressed, self-centered, unhappy drugged-out little darlings that their very own mamas created.

LORRAINE SPITZ Tarzana Blood Relationships Allan Parachini's article, "Donating: Now It's in His Blood" (Jan. 14), did a good job in expressing that special relationship that can develop within a regular blood donor. I hope his words will encourage others to take on this activity on a regular basis. The need is great and ever growing.


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