Pravda Says Inauguration Reflects ‘Government of, for, by Millionaires’

United Press International

President Reagan’s inauguration is an example of “government of millionaires, for millionaires and by millionaires,” Pravda, the Communist Party newspaper, said Sunday.

According to a dispatch from Washington, “The monopolies have already contributed $8 million to the organizing committee--500 major corporations: aerospace, oil, banks and insurance companies.”

Pravda said, “By helping their friends in the Administration, they can expect, not without reason, to be given considerable compensation, for, as the saying goes, he who pays the piper calls the tune.”

The Reagan Administration, “to paraphrase the words of (Abraham) Lincoln, was and is a government of millionaires, for millionaires and by millionaires,” the newspaper said.


“They support a stepping-up of the arms race and present the notorious ‘Star Wars’ program as the path to peace. In the domestic policy sphere, they champion non-interference of the government in the economy, for monopolies to be practically free from taxes and for further cuts in social programs,” it said.

“The thunder of speeches, the ring of the orchestra, the explosion of fireworks accompanying the ceremony cannot drown out the deep anxiety of millions of Americans,” Pravda said.