General Automation Inc. this week began commercial...

General Automation Inc. this week began commercial production in Paris of a small business computer system for distribution to a European market, the Anaheim-based high-technology firm said Friday. General Automation's Zebra family of products are being manufactured by GA France, S.A.

The high-power data processing systems are used by a variety of government and small businesses entities in Europe, including commodity brokerages, transportation dispatchers and health agencies, according to General Automation spokesman Joseph Allen. Previously, General Automation shipped its Zebra systems to Europe from its home manufacturing plant in Anaheim, Allen said.

CompuSave Corp. has sold computer equipment to Stop-n-Shop supermarkets that will enable customers to do all their shopping electronically with a computerized system known as Touch-n-Save. CompuSave predicted the agreement will mean initial sales of $800,000 for the Irvine-based company.

Customers of the Cleveland, Ohio-based Stop-n-Shop supermarkets will be able to walk into the supermarkets and do their shopping from computer lists of all items the store carries. After the selections are made, the customer inserts a credit card to pay for the purchases, which will be delivered to the buyer's home within three to six days.

More than 2,000 name-brand items will be offered at discount prices through the Touch-n-Save shopping system.

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