Unlucky Car Owner an Expert in Theft--He's Had 15 Stolen

United Press International

Dave Pickett, a 27-year-old surveyor, just lost another car--the 15th auto to be stolen from him in eight years.

Pickett's troubles began at the age of 19 when he became the proud owner of a 22-year-old Morris Minor. The car blew up one day and he had it towed to the side of the road where he left it with a note on the windshield.

When he came back three days later, it was gone.

Then he bought three consecutive Cortinas, all of which were stolen, one twice.

Next came two Triumphs--bought simultaneously as a kind of insurance policy. Pickett was busy transferring the better parts to the better car and carefully disguising it as a wreck when thieves stole the better car.

Then one night police called to say they had arrested a man who was trying to steal his car cassette player. While he was at the police station retrieving the player, you guessed it--his car was stolen.

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