Fullerton : City Hall, Fire Dept. Workers to Get Pay Hike

City Hall and Fire Department employees will see a slight increase in their upcoming paychecks because of a pay raise granted them by the City Council on Tuesday.

Effective Feb. 23, 95 Fire Department employees will receive a 3% pay raise. They will receive an additional 4% in June and another 2% in February of 1986.

The raises were approved by Fullerton Fire Assn. members six months ago, said Personnel Director Mark Flannery. Their contract expires in June, 1986.

About 350 members of the Fullerton Municipal Employees Federation, half of whom are maintenance workers, will receive a pay increase of 2% retroactive to Feb. 1 with another 4% increase in June. In February, 1986, they will get another 2%, Flannery said.


The other members of the association work at City Hall, in the libraries and as clerks in the Police Department.

The contracts of both associations have a clause by which members are given a periodic cost-of-living raise, Flannery said.