Compton : Council Satisfied Manager Can Balance State, City Jobs

After a closed personnel session Tuesday, a majority of the City Council said it was satisfied that City Manager Laverta Montgomery, a newly appointed state lottery commissioner, can balance the responsibilities of both the state and local jobs.

Council members Jane Robbins, Floyd James and Robert Adams Sr. said they are satisfied Montgomery will be able to carry out her full-time duties at the city while meeting her part-time obligations to the Lottery Commission.

Montgomery, the only full-time employee on the new five-member state board, said she told the council that she expects to work only one day a week on lottery business. State spokesmen have said the commissioners would have to work virtually full time for the next several months to get the lottery going.

"From the outline she gave us, (the time commitment) seemed to have been blown all out of proportion," said Robbins.

"I think she has satisfied me," said James. "I don't see any problem with it."

But Councilman Maxcy Filer, who has said he is concerned because Montgomery does not keep usual 8-to-5 office hours, said the city manager's ability to do both jobs will only be proven with time.

"We'll know in about three weeks," Filer said.

After meeting with the council, Montgomery said, "I pretty much know what I need to do this month, so I apprised them of that. If we reach a period where it looks like it (the lottery commitment) will take a lot of time, I'll discuss it with the council. And I do have a lot of vacation time coming."

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