Orange : Postponement Sought on Smoking Ordinance Vote

City Manager J. William Little will ask the City Council to postpone a vote on a smoking ordinance on Tuesday's agenda "to wait and see what the county does," he said.

The Board of Supervisors last week scheduled a public hearing on the issue for May 21. Several of the supervisors have indicated they will support a tough anti-smoking ordinance similar to one recently adopted by Laguna Beach.

The proposed county ordinance deals with restaurants, public buildings and places of employment throughout unincorporated county areas.

Little, who "stopped smoking years ago," said he will report to the council Tuesday on the various kinds of no-smoking ordinances passed by other cities. Those ordinances range from "limited applications to the broad and comprehensive," he said.

The issue arose in Orange in January when resident Thomas Maloney asked the council to curb smoking.

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