News Coverage of Abortion Pickets

Is this a slow week or something? Why all the attention to the anti-abortion fanatics?

First you ran an article saying that they were going to picket the North Hollywood facility. Then you had an article about the Tuesday picketing. Now there is an article about the Friday picketing.

I happen to live very near this facility, and I am pretty fed up with the whole thing. They have been picketing for years; why all the fuss about it now? You know, of course, that the media are being used for their purposes, and it is pretty irritating to see how you go along with them.

Listen, we are going to cut our lawn next week. We might even paint. Why not run an article about that? And then, when we actually get around to doing it, why, you could write another article saying that we did it. Interested?

Enough is enough. I know abortion is an issue--a very emotional issue--and these people are adding to the emotional overload. You need not contribute to it.


North Hollywood

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