Moaning Liberals

Your editorial page has become a sort of last bastion of those who can't yet figure out why Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro didn't win by a landslide.

The letter writers rally around poor little old Conrad and your editorialists. Everyone continues to espouse the same hackneyed liberal views--Reagan is evil; conservative Republicans and U.S. corporations are sinister; rosy economicviews are Republican propaganda because liberals have long predicted the failure of Reaganomics; U.S. military defenses are too strong and unilateral disarmament, if necessary, is an acceptable approach to arms-control; if Central America goes communist, so what?; the only way to eliminate poverty is to pour ever-increasing billions into handouts; only rednecks favor capital punishment and lack enthusiasm for the Bird Court; the rights of minorities transcend the rights of all others if push comes to above; and finally larger governments and increased taxes are necessary because the general public is incapable of acting wisely without the enlightened direction of bureaucrats.

So continue to moan, you poor discouraged liberals, while the majority of Americans, buoyed by the booming economy and peace, strive to move upward and forward.


Santa Ana

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