Lockheed to Review Data on Bell Helicopter

Lockheed Corp. said Monday that it has requested and will review financial information on Textron Inc.'s Bell Helicopter subsidiary, which was put up for sale last week by the Providence, R.I.-based conglomerate.

Vincent Marfino, Lockheed's chief financial officer, said the Burbank-based aircraft and electronics manufacturer had made no decision about a potential bid for Bell. He declined to speculate whether a bid is likely or unlikely.

Although Lockheed has been actively examining potential acquisitions, it has not yet made a major acquisition. Lockheed considered and decided not to bid for Hughes Helicopters Inc., which was sold last year to McDonnell Douglas Corp.

Marfino also said that Lockheed has made a "management decision" to not bid for Hughes Aircraft Co., which is currently for sale by its owner, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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