Cheapening of College Education

I am writing in regard to the Samuelson article. As a student, working my way through college, I resent Samuelson's suggestion that middle-class families should shoulder more of the financial responsibility for state-funded colleges and universities.

The middle-class family is caught in a "Catch-22;" we make too much money to warrant federal or state grants yet we do not make enough to give a child the education he deserves.

If it weren't for a state-funded community college I would not have the opportunity to receive a higher education (I am currently achieving a 3.35 grade point average at Pasadena City College). If we take away the opportunity for a inexpensive education we will have a society filled with frustrated people who could have done something great with their lives, but were denied the chance to go to college.

I am working hard to make my life and my world a little better, and so are thousands of other young people. Who is Samuelson to condemn us for doing our best to get ahead?

If Samuelson represents the views of society we had all better start figuring out where our priorities lie.


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