Glossary for Latin America

As a public service for those confused over President Reagan's statements regarding our involvement in Central America, here is a glossary that should help clear things up:

"Covert aid"-- Secret U.S. military aid to the contras in Nicaragua; only the President and a few million of his closest friends know about it.

"Terrorists"-- Rebel soldiers who attempt to overthrow governments we support.

"Freedom Fighters"-- Rebel soldiers who attempt to overthrow governments we don't like.

"Satellites"-- Countries dependent on the Soviet Union.

"Free Nations"-- Countries dependent on the United States.

"Brutal dictatorships"-- Repressive governments unfriendly to us.

"Democracies"-- Repressive governments friendly to us.

"Our American Revolution"-- A fight for freedom, as in 1776.

"Latin American Revolution"-- A dangerous threat to political stability.

"Political stability"-- The status quo of poverty, corruption, and social and economic inequality.


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