Flickers of Bigotry

Thank you very much for your article (Editorial Pages, March 1), by Laurence Pope, "Flickers of Our Anti-Islam Bigotry." We are pleased to see that at last there is some awareness of the existence of anti-Islam bigotry in the media. It is hoped that you will allow more articles of this nature published in your esteemed paper to expose the unfairness of those who perpetrate prejudice and stereotypes in the name of freedom.

Our thanks to Pope for a paper well written and well presented. MUZAMMIL H. SIDDIQI

Garden Grove

Siddiqi is director of the Islamic Society of Orange County.

Pope is quite correct when he warns of the dangers of religious and racial prejudice brought about by the stereotyping of Arab societies. However, I must point out his oversight in that Islam is but the third of four great monotheistic world religions to arise in the Middle East.

The fourth and most recent, the Bahai faith, was founded in 1844 in what is now Iran. In the present day, there are Bahais in more than 150 countries and the literature of the faith has been translated into more than 500 languages. The major shrines of the faith are located in Haifa, Israel.

As an American Bahai, I am appalled with the persecution of my religion by the Islamic fundamentalists in Iran. However, Islam should not be condemned as a religion, nor Muslims as a group, because of the misguided deeds of a few. My religion believes in the elimination of all national, racial and religious prejudice. DOUG REUL


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