I am the homeless young man referred to in Kevin Roderick's article on homelessness (Feb. 17). A letter by John Kornachuk was printed (Feb. 23) claiming that I really had a place to go during the time I said I had been homeless. This is not true.

First of all, I do not know John Kornachuk. Prior to Roderick's article I'd been staying in the playground off 6th Street behind the Inner City Law Center. I have been staying at the playground since Jan. 4 or 5. Before that I had been on the staff at the Soul Clinic Mission from Oct. 31, 1984, to Jan. 2, 1985. I had to leave the Soul Clinic because of my association with Tent City.

I had gone down to the Union Rescue Mission to see about getting on the staff, but because of my school hours I was unable to get a staff position. I stayed there that night (Feb. 8). (Homeless people are allowed to stay there up to five nights.) A few days later my general relief penalty was overturned, (it took four lawyers and Supervisor Ed Edelman's pressure for Director Eddie Tanaka of the Department of Public Social Services to look into it).

Consequently, if I had not been in school I might have been able to live and work at the Union Rescue Mission. But this was not a real option for me since I intend to finish school.


Los Angeles

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