Editorials : Stop the Bombings Before Someone Is Hurt

In Beirut, Belfast or Rome, the terrorists who detonate bombs in public places are quick to claim responsibility for their deeds.

In San Diego, the terrorists who have twice bombed the Birth Control Institute hide in the darkness and utter not a word.

The Rev. Dorman Owens offers thinly veiled kudos to the bombers, saying their tactics are "very effective." But it is impossible to know whether the bombers are members of his flock or whether he is merely seeking to appear influential.

The religious, moral and civil rights implications of abortion are so fundamental that it is hard to imagine there will ever come a time when it is not debated in this country. From the moment the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that abortion was legal, its opponents have worked tirelessly to have the Constitution changed to prohibit it.

If they ever succeed, they will expect those who favor abortions to obey the new law. For now, opponents of abortion must limit themselves to working nonviolently to change a law they view as abhorrent.

Those who have knowledge of the San Diego bombing incidents should come forward. Rewards totaling $6,000 have been offered for information leading to arrests in the case, and it would be nice to see more money put up.

But even without any rewards, decent people who may have valuable information should be motivated to speak up before more violence--and possibly death or injury--occurs.

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