‘Misguided’ Raid on Laboratory

So, you think you have some sort of divine insight as to who should and should not be sacrificed on the altar of medical research. Well, so do I.

It has never been right and never will be right to slaughter animals on behalf of mankind for any reason! Animals are innocent of any crimes against humanity. Their only sin is that they are helpless and mute.

Naturally, the greedy researchers love the millions in grants that enrich their already hideously overstuffed coffers, and, of course, in the name of holy research any end can be justified. But why don’t you take a walk through an animal lab sometime and see if your lofty opinion isn’t changed somewhat.

If subjects are needed to render accurate knowledge about the workings of the human organism there is an endless supply. Take the extreme elderly, the senile, use the criminally insane, rapists and murderers. They are largely useless and doomed anyway. Blind them, eviscerate them, implant electrodes in their living brains, cut them up without anesthetics, give them a case of whiskey and ship them off. That, at least, is more than is done for the precious, innocent creatures whose lives are summarily condemned.



San Diego