'Misguided' Raid on Laboratory

The American Diabetes Assn., Southern California Affiliate, applauds your editorial, which condemned the criminal break-in by the so-called Animal Liberation Front at the University of California at Riverside.

Our association's primary goal is to find a cure for diabetes and to ease the suffering of the more than 12 million Americans who are afflicted with this disease. The three areas of great promise--the artificial pancreas, pancreas transplantation and islet-cell implantation--are dependent upon the availability of animal models before the procedures can be attempted in humans. Leading researchers believe that testing can begin in humans within three years and that we stand at the brink of major breakthroughs.

If the Animal Liberation Front is allowed to continue to disrupt this potentially life-saving work and to intimidate scientists with death threats, thousands of people with diabetes and other chronic illnesses will be the ultimate victims.

It is time for law enforcement agencies to aggressively investigate these crimes and bring the perpetrators to trial.


Los Angeles

Mestman is president of the American Diabetes Assn., Southern California Affiliate.

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