U.S. Postal Service and Free Speech

So, postal management doesn't appreciate whistle-blowers like Bruce Webb any better than the Defense Department likes the occasional Ernest Fitzgerald. And why should they? Don't they, in a way, enjoy the same sort of monopoly arrangements?

Here's a question for everyone who spends too much time waiting in line at the post office and who is frustrated every time postal rates go up again: Don't we have a right to know what postal workers like Webb have to say? How dare the postal service reprimand him for writing a letter to the editor! It's not as if a competitive firm was trying to protect some valued trade secrets. Webb is giving us an insider's view of a very special giant corporation--one that has access to your tax dollars whenver it runs a deficit. Amazingly, it also has the power to call out the federal marshalls if anyone is so bold as to offer cheaper or better delivery of the mail!

I say three cheers for a guy who cares enough about his work to write The Times in defense of his brethren, but is honest enough to tell both sides of the story.


Mar Vista

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