U.S. Postal Service and Free Speech

As a postal worker with 15 years in the system, and a person who is currently in training to be a supervisor, I feel I may have some insight in this postal worker vs. postal management crisis.

I agree 1000% with Webb's statement. At least part of it--"U.S. postal workers move more mail faster and cheaper than anywhere else in the world."

How can anyone argue with such a true statement? But supervisor and manager are postal workers too!

So while I agree absolutely with part of Webb's statement, I can't in all candor agree with the second part of his statement. His stereotype is far too generalized and wide sweeping.

Oh, I have crossed swords with some very poor postal managers of the years, some real jerks in fact! But to imply that all of management is incompetent is simply untrue.

The postal service is made up of a cross section of dedicated, hard-working people. And some of these folks just happen to be managers. Without these people the U.S. mail delivery wouldn't be as excellent as it really is.

I suspect that Webb and his boss, Ron Arndt have clashed before. Probably several times in their respective roles as union representation and management spokesman. It's unfortunate that this dirty linen is being aired in public. It's also sad that Arndt issued a "letter of warning" to Webb. Hopefully, calmer heads will prevail. And this whole matter may be resolved in the near future.


Redondo Beach

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