Dennis McDougal's article on the "Radio USA for Africa" broadcast was a slap in the face to those of us who worked on the project ("Broadcast Benefit for Africa," April 23).

Countless hours were devoted to the production of this show, seeing to it that it reached more than 30 million listeners worldwide. However, the focus of his sarcastic attempt at journalism centered on the catering.

The message displayed in McDougal's article was loud and clear. He chose to make a mockery of a monumental effort to aid one of the world's greatest unified displays of humanity in history.

I trust McDougal abstained from eating, and has made a generous contribution to the cause as a show of protest for such decadence in the face of starving millions.

Never have I seen such a total disregard for people's feelings in an effort to satisfy one's own small-minded, egocentric and myopic view of reality.

The opportunity to express one's opinions is guaranteed by the First Amendment. The ability to control one's petty pontifications, especially in today's press, calls for judgment. I suggest McDougal look up the word and add it to his vocabulary.


Los Angeles

Denver, who served as an on-air host for a segment of Westwood One's "Radio USA for Africa," is a columnist for Radio & Records and hosts two radio shows syndicated by Westwood One.

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