Teachers Support Hermosa Board

During the past few months many letters to the editor have appeared in your column concerning the future of education in Hermosa Beach. However, the teacher position has not as yet been articulated.

First, it is difficult to imagine that in these times, with the severe problems facing education, that anyone would seek a position on a school board for a self-serving purpose. Some positions taken by the Hermosa Beach Board of Trustees have not received enthusiastic approval. However, we do not believe that any of the positions have been the result of self-serving individuals allowing their biases to get in their way of serving the children of Hermosa Beach.

Recently four members of the Hermosa Beach Board of Trustees successfully fought attempts at recall. Unpopular decisions seemed to be the chief problem. Sale of property and the development of a single-site, kindergarten-through-eighth-grade district were the items which raised the most concern. If more palatable choices are within the realm of practicality and educational soundness, we believe that the board members would have selected them. However, such is not the case, and the Hermosa Beach Teachers Assn. stands in support of the single-site district and the development of the Hermosa Valley School campus as that site. In terms of site disposal, the board has exercised great prudence in dealing with this perplexing problem.

It is impossible to please all of the people all of the time. We believe that the members of the Hermosa Beach Board of Trustees are doing what they have been elected to do . . . make decisions which provide for a quality education for the children of Hermosa Beach.


President, Hermosa Beach Teachers Assn.

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