Outspoken U.S. Judge Resigns After 19 Years

Associated Press

U.S. District Judge Miles Lord, known for his outspokenness during his 19 years on the federal bench, on Sunday announced his resignation.

Lord, 65, said that he has submitted a letter of resignation to President Reagan but would continue to work until July 1.

Last year, Lord drew criticism for the comments he made in approving a settlement that A. H. Robins Co. reached with women who had used the Dalkon Shield contraceptive device, which caused medical problems for some users. Lord accused three top Robins officials of "corporate irresponsibility at its meanest."

He told the Robins officials: "You planted in the bodies of these women instruments of death, mutilation and disease . . . a deadly depth charge in their womb ready to explode at any time."

Robins officials appealed to have Lord disciplined, but a judicial council declined to do so.

Lord on Sunday disclosed no immediate plans. "Perhaps, at a later time, I will enter the law practice," he said.

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