'Cleaning Up California' With Bottle-Deposit Law

I wish to comment on your editorial (May 15), "Cleaning Up California." I am strongly against a bill that would require a 5-cent deposit on all beer and soft-drink containers.

Such a law would cause severe unemployment in the bottle and can industries, increase retail prices on beverages, and basically put a burden on consumers. Also, the storing of dirty cans is unsanitary and may cause the spreading of diseases.

Another problem may be with the so-called "can handlers," people who collect cans for profit. Would we want these people rummaging through our public parks and beaches turning over garbage in search of cans? I would think not.

I want to commend all the members of the state Senate who did a fine job by defeating this bill the last four times it went before them. After all, if people aren't voluntarily willing to keep their country free from litter in the first place, I hardly believe a 5-cent incentive will change their actions.



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