'Pot of Gold'

I was intrigued by your editorial (May 13), "A Pot of Gold Waits." It is indeed obvious that there are billions of tax dollars going uncollected every year. Increasing the staff and budget for the Internal Revenue Service, however, is not the solution.

Feeding the IRS with more staff would be the equivalent of feeding more food to a fat, aging dinosaur. Throwing more money and staff to the IRS may unleash a few extra tax dollars, but it will not solve the problem of inefficiency within the system.

What the IRS needs to do is to look at itself in the mirror. Its present system needs to be revamped to meet the needs of the coming 21st Century. Before the Office of Management and Budget allows an increase for the IRS, it should require that new methods of collection be devised and efficiency be restored to the agency. I'm tired of the government throwing my money around as a "cure-all" for its problems.



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