A Family's Tragedies

I, too, am moved by courageous people. And the older I get the more I realize how many people respond to life and grief and death with quiet courage and dignity.

I read a headline recently that a celebrity was facing a mastectomy with courage and humor. I know so many people who never make the headlines and who have so few resources from which to draw, and yet they too face their serious problems with humor and unbelievable courage.

I have a friend who is now in City of Hope Hospital fighting a five-year battle with cancer. He is only 23 years old and has never had a "normal" adulthood. His career hopes have vanished and he has suffered incredible pain. Yet every time I talk with him I gain strength from his attitude of hope and courage. I am going to send him Walton's column because the story of the Rivards shows that miracles really do happen and we must never lose our ability to hope and pray for the best to happen.

Thank you for writing about the Rivard family. They truly are what courage is all about. Please extend to them my most sincere hopes and prayers for the complete recovery of both of their daughters.


Newport Beach

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