'Defense Industry Welfare Queens'

A number of years ago, executives of General Electric, Westinghouse and other major suppliers of large electrical equipment to the United States conducted clandestine meetings. There, by agreement among themselves, it was determined who would be the lowest bidder on proposed government contracts, in what order and in what amounts. As a result, competitive bidding was eliminated.

They were found out and convicted. In sentencing them to prison terms, the judge remarked that free competition was the foundation of our economic strength and freedom, that their conspiracy was designed to destroy this strength and freedom, and that therefore they deserved no sympathy.

Today General Electric executives are admittedly guilty of crimes more heinous--frauds against our government and ourselves, yet our government will not prosecute these swindlers and thieves.

I feel saddened for our country. These are the people, our leaders in government and industry, who should set a high standard of morality for all of us to follow. It is no wonder then that our atmosphere is one of "how much can we get away with?" This is affecting all of society.

The incongruity is that these villains who would destroy us are to be permitted to contrive to destroy us, under the guise that their efforts are directed against those insidious forces designed to destroy us. One way or another, our destruction is guaranteed, from within or without.

"Law and order" has no meeting with justice, if justice is dispensed unequally or not at all.


West Covina

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