D. A. Must List All Patrons of Alleged Madam

Associated Press

A judge on Tuesday ordered prosecutors to identify patrons of an alleged prostitution service that they charge was operated by Sydney Biddle Barrows, a descendant of Mayflower Pilgrims.

Prosecutors must provide “the date, time, place, alleged prostitute and patron, and arrangement with respect to each act of alleged prostitution claimed to have been promoted,” acting Justice Brenda Soloff ruled in the trial-level court in Manhattan.

The names would have to be provided to the defense and could be made public by either side.

Lawyers’ Prediction


Lawyers for Barrows predicted after the ruling that the state would be unable to comply, and that its charges of promoting prostitution would fail. Assistant Dist. Atty. Seth Rosenberg declined to comment on the order.

Barrows and an employee, Lawrin Goulston, are accused of operating a prostitution ring through three high-priced escort services, Elan, Finesse and Cachet. They deny that the services provided anything but companionship.

The judge ordered that the prosecution’s details of the charges state “the specific act or acts by each defendant” alleged to constitute promoting prostitution. She said she would not act on other motions--including a defense motion to dismiss the case--until the prosecutors comply, by June 21.