The Three Cs of Education

In elementary schools these days, hopefully, there is more emphasis on teaching the three Rs and also the three Ss--science, speech, spelling. But as these students prepare to leave school and to invade the real work-a-day world, they should also know the importance of the four Is.

Integrity. Most employers count this quality as No. 1 in importance. If a person can't be honest or refrain from stealing money, time, or products, then employers have no vacancies for them, no matter how good their other qualifications may appear. So build a reputation for being dependable, on time, no stealing, no lies, and no fooling!

Industriousness. Employers are not looking for an employee who can only achieve spurts of productivity. No, they need and expect a full day's work.

Intelligence. Employers are not seeking to hire "clever wise guys" who already know it all and can not follow instructions on procedures and productivity. They seek employees who are willing to try harder and to learn fast to be on the job and on the beam.

Initiative. Intense interest, "Inthusiasm" and dedication are the qualities that will help to bring success. "Good luck" is sure to come for those people as a reward for these qualities. A person with modest ability who tries harder is in greater demand than a genius who is lazy and uninterested.


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