Garden Grove : Residents Will Decide on Annexation Attempt

Residents on 14 acres of county land will decide whether Garden Grove may continue its attempt to annex their property.

Four property owners filed letters of protest Monday over the city’s plans. Since their combined holdings amount to more than 25% of the property in the area, state law governing annexations prevents the city from continuing unless a majority of the registered voters give their approval.

A total of 27 registered voters live in the annexation area, which is situated west of Brookhurst Street and east of Hill Elementary School between 11th and 13th Streets.

“We were hoping that we wouldn’t have to go to a vote,” said planning manager Jerry Blum. The City Council will decide Monday when to mail ballots to the 27 voters, he said.


The council voted to seek annexation because of substandard conditions in the area, including insufficient water for Fire Department needs, old, undersized sewage systems and an undeveloped road.

Gregory Brygider, one of the protesting landowners, said annexation would mean increased taxes and red tape. “I like things the way they are,” he said. “I like living on county land much better, and I’ll do everything I can to stay that way,” he said.