Terrorists Kill 4 in Spain on ‘Europe Day’

Associated Press

Terrorists killed four people in separate attacks in Madrid and in northern Spain today, hours before Western European heads of government arrived in the Spanish capital to sign a treaty admitting Spain into the Common Market.

In downtown Madrid, two men and a woman shot and killed an army colonel and his chauffeur. The three, who police said were Basque terrorists, then booby-trapped the colonel’s car and left it in a parking lot of a department store.

When bomb experts tried to defuse the bomb, the car blew up, killing one policemen and seriously wounding another.

The victims of the shooting were identified as Col. Vicente Romero and his chauffeur, Juan Garcia Jimenez. Police bomb expert Esteban del Amo Garcia died when the car exploded.


Naval Noncom Shot

In the northern Basque town of Portugalate, near Bilbao, police said an unidentified gunman fatally shot Jose Millarengo de Bernardo, a navy noncommissioned officer, in the head.

In Madrid, the attackers booby-trapped Romero’s white Renault and parked it in a lot under the El Corte Ingles department store. An anonymous caller told police where the car was and said it would blow up.

Police managed to clear about 8,000 people out of the five-story department store before the explosion.


The killings occurred on what Spaniards were hailing as “Europe Day,” when King Juan Carlos and Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez, joined by Western European leaders, were to sign a treaty tonight admitting Spain into the Common Market.

Eight European prime ministers, one vice prime minister and several foreign ministers were expected to attend the treaty-signing ceremony.