‘Star Wars’ Program: ‘Pork Barrel in Space’?

I think your editorial reveals a grave misunderstanding of the SDI project.

The essence of the SDI program is to greatly reduce the penetration of an enemy’s missiles to the point at which the launch will be deterred due to the uncertainty of the outcome.

Star Wars changes the strategic formula. It would inform the Soviet generals, should they launch a first strike, that approximately 85% of their attack would be foiled. Would you get into an airplane if there were an 85% chance of not making your destination? It is here where the deterence resides. The Soviet general would not push the button anymore than you would get aboard the aircraft.

You state that since the SDI cannot provide a leakproof shield, funding should be cut drastically based on this reasoning alone. Everything in life is a balance of percentages. To suggest that a system be 100% foolproof is unrealistic and the pundits who subscribe to this belief are not be taken seriously.



Thousand Oaks