'Sneaky Pay Raise' in L.A.

'Tis a happy day when I can agree with your editorials. I refer to the one (June 11) entitled, "Sneaky Pay Raise," on the Los Angeles City Council, which now is among the highest (or highest) paid ($53,266 a year) in the country. The council should feel well satisfied with its sly maneuver. (Don't you believe that some are above their "Peter Principle?" in theory)?

However, in deference to their respective constituents and to show their good intentions, I would ask that they rescind this raise and put it on their agenda and advertise it for the benefit of the citizens.

In that way they can soon ascertain how well this 10% raise will be received, particularly in view of the fact that the inflation factor is running around 4% and this latter figure is about what the unions are receiving for labor.


Los Angeles

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