Family Planning

The purpose of this letter is to correct the extremely serious error made in your editorial (June 12), "Crippling Family Planning."

Your editorial states that the amendments that the Senate put in the budget would deny the Office of Family Planning funds to any agency that makes referrals on abortions. That statement is absolutely and totally false.

To set the record straight, let me quote you the specific section from my amendment, which deals with referral. It states:

"No funds appropriated for the Office of Family Planning shall be granted, directly or indirectly to any group, clinic, or organization, which performs, promotes, or advertises, abortions or which receives any direct or indirect compensation, advantage, benefit or gain from referrals for abortion services."

As anyone can plainly see, these amendments do not limit or prohibit referrals on abortion; but rather, do prohibit any benefit or gain from the referral. Obviously, there is a big difference. This significant difference pulls the rug out from your editorial.

When I am trying to do with these amendments is aid the real function of the Office of Family Planning by insuring that its resources are expended in a legitimate and proper fashion. I am in no way attempting to cut the OFP budget, although the statistical failure of this type of program is now public record. While the concept of family planning may come under attack for its failures, I am supporting the full budget allocation for this office as long as we have the proper restrictions on the use of those funds.


State Senator

25th District


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